Policies & Fees


Counseling Fees


50 minute session, dedicated to allowing you the space to share your experience and be provided with support during the process.

(50-minutes) $110


50-minute or 90-minute session, allowing all individuals a healthy and safe space to experience emotions and foster healthy communication.

(50 Minutes) $120

(90 Minutes) $140

I accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Additionally, I take Health Saving Account (HSA) and Flex Saving Account (FSA) benefit cards. All payments are collected at end of session.

Logistical stuff

Optum & United Health Care:

I am in network with Optum & United Health Care. Please verify with insurance that I am in network with your insurance and that you have Mental Health services, as part of you plan. I will help you with this process, however it is important you also verify. To verify insurance, I will need information on the front and back of your insurance card. This will be collected at time of phone consultation.

Out-of-Network Benefits

I am out of network with all other insurances, which means I do not directly bill the insurance, however you may be eligible for partial reimbursement through your insurance company with a few additional steps. Counseling services may be eligible for reimbursement through out-of-network benefits, medical spending or health care savings accounts. Health insurance plans and benefits vary. If you are interested in using your health insurance, please call your insurance provider to inquire about reimbursement for out-of-network counseling services.

If you would like to investigate the possibility of reimbursement for out-of-network coverage, please check your policy carefully and ask the following questions of your provider:

  • I would like to see a therapist who is out-of-network, how can I obtain reimbursement for therapy with an out-of-network provider?

  • How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network mental health provider?

  • What is my deductible and has it been met?

  • How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network mental health provider?

  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session?


Health Savings Account

Some clients prefer to use their HSA to pay for counseling services. If you would like to utilize your HSA account, please contact your account service and request bank checks in advance. I am willing to provide you a receipt for later reimbursement from your HSA account.

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Consultation For professionals

(60-minutes) $80

Consulting can be a tool for therapist to explore professional and personal challenges that come up in the healing profession. Having another clinician there to navigate, support, and provide tools can be invaluable. I offer consultation to licensed mental health professionals looking to discuss challenges in the following areas:

Race, oppression & counter-transference

I offer support to clinicians of color and allies, who are challenged by racism and oppression through clients or workplace dynamics. As an African American therapist serving a predominately Caucasian, upper middle-class, cis-gendered male population; I have been challenged by racism, oppression and my own counter-transference for many years. Through the years, I have learned to navigate the space between honoring my clients, honoring my profession and honoring myself. While my own work is never done, I have found healing in helping others navigate through similar experiences; offering support to the professional, as they support their client.

Addiction & Recovery

Have you ever felt deeply connected to a certain population? Almost as though you can understand, feel and, connect to the adversity of their pain? That is how I feel about addiction and recovery. I offer insight, guidance and tangible interventions to therapists struggling to navigate through the chaos that addiction brings into the therapy room. With limited experience in treating addiction, it can be difficult to not fall prey to the addictive thinking, cognitive distortions, and manipulation of the disease. With my experience of treating addiction and guiding individuals into recovery, I offer therapist case conceptualizing, treatment planning, and a path for their client’s success.

I understand consultation as a session between two licensed professions used as a way to expand a therapist’s ideas for working professionally and personally. Consultation can also be considered a risk management tool, but has no obligates for the individual to take specific action, other than that based on your own professional judgment.

I prefer in person consultation or telecommunication, but can be flexible. If you find yourself not needing the 60 minute duration, feel free to send me an email and I can offer some support or direct you towards supportive literature.  


(60-minutes) $110

Offering individual supervision for licensed professional counselor interns looking to become licensed in the state of Oregon. My approach is relational with a supportive and motivation interviewing framework. I can provide support for those looking for professional development in private practice, as well as, self care and personal expansion for those in agency work.

My supervision is targeted towards supporting clinicians who identify within the non-dominate group, people of color, LQBTQI, women, etc. As a clinician of color, I know how critical it is in professional development to have a supervisor who can relate through shared experiences, hardships and triumph. I offer those I supervise support, guidance and compassion in a way that is unique to them and their clients.

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