Therapeutic Services


Uniquely You Counseling specializes in helping overworked professionals, unappreciated mothers, and combative couples & families find a path to happiness and health.


Initial Consult

30-minute phone consultation free of charge, allowing you to gain in-the-moment support, ask questions and determine if therapy is right for you.


Individual Therapy

50-minute session dedicated to allowing you the space to share your experience, and be provided with support during the process.


Couples Therapy

50 or 90-minute session, allowing all individuals a healthy and safe space to experience emotions and foster healthy communication.


Clinical Supervision for LPC-I

Let’s be real - Supervision is my shit. I love supervising. It all stems from my love for therapy, I can talk therapy all day. In supervision, I get to be inspired by the passion of my interns and support them on this amazing journey.

My approach is relational with a supportive and MI framework. I provide support and guidance for those looking to explore professional development, clinical confidence and foster a true therapeutic alliance in session.

A supervision relationship is built on trust, consideration and transparency, which I intentionally bring into each session. I work with you to develop your own clinical strengths that makes you a unique and valuable therapist. I don’t believe that therapy can be taught; I believe it’s an intangible trait that is created within. Supervision helps you fine-tune that trait, fostering your natural skills into a therapeutic style that is unique to you. I believe that self care, self-compassion and laughter are just as important as any skill or intervention.