“My mind is a bad neighborhood that I try not to go into alone.”
— Anne Lamott

racial identity & Oppression

For many of us, struggling to find our place in the world can be difficult, especially when that place is impacted by our own racism and oppression.  I help my clients explore the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that uniquely impacted people of color. Through compassion, empathy and shared experiences, I provide my clients with the opportunity to express, acknowledge and explore the unique challenges that arise with being a person of color seeking mental health support.


Relationships & Intimacy

Disagreements and conflict within a relationship are a fact of life. However, when the conflicts in your relationship are threatening your health and wellbeing, it may be time to seek help. Most relationship problems are caused, at least in part, by communication difficulties. Seeing a mental health professional with your partner can help you develop strategies to improve your overall happiness and communication or target a specific conflict like anger, infidelity, money, sex, or household duties. Relationship counseling can also help you and your partner reach an informed decision when considering the future of your relationship, staying together or separating. Seeing a therapist for premarital counseling can also be very beneficial and help you and your partner work through any major differences and set reasonable and healthy expectations for your marriage.

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Emotional disconnection

Through therapy, I help individuals who feel stuck, unfilled, and emotionally disconnected from themselves and loved ones find passion, purpose and connection in daily life. Emotional expression can be difficult at times, especially for those who have struggled to carve out a safe place to express those emotions. I help clients determine that safe place to explore the thoughts, beliefs and internal judgements that keep them from getting their own emotional needs met.


Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is overwhelming, frightening, and confusing. Sometimes it can feel like the substance or behavior went from being a friend to being an enemy, almost at the flip of a switch. It can be overwhelming to understand how something that was once so fun, now brings sadness, pain, and fear to you and the people you love. Luckily, you don’t have to take that journey alone. I help individuals navigate through the pain of addiction and offer support in the healing of recovery. With the support of therapy, you won’t have to.